There were some general constraints that I had already come across in literature which I had to handle in different ways:- I thought that I would face difficulties dealing with learners of different nationalities,but I found the real challenge to be dealing with students of mixed ability. I overcame this problem by designing two different sets of questions and tasks so that they were suitable for both low and high level students. I decided which questions I should assign to which students.- The layout of the classroom was another issue, as there are too many tables. As a group we used to make a horse shoe shape. I felt the space between the board and the teacher was too big and so I tried to stay close to the students.

Giving instructions, gaining students’ attention, and giving feedback were important aspects of my teaching that I was concerned about. Gradually, I set personal objectives that I wanted to achieve in each lesson, and I fully achieved them by my third lesson and since I realized where I need improvement I improved. My personal objectives were:

1- to improve the way I give instructions to the class;

2 -to reduce my speaking time to a minimum;

3- to monitor my voice in a better way;

4- to improve the feedback I give to students and my error correction techniques.


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