Racist affiliations in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia if you belong to a tribe, then you are lucky  because the tribe will make you a special person even if did not  offer any good to the humanity!. If you do not belong to tribes in Saudi Arabia , a group of people  will consider you as an only Saudi by nationality and you have less rights in their country. This happens in the land of Islam were message of peace shined 1432 years ago. Even though in the Muslim holy book – Quran – Allah says :

No Arab is superior over a non-Arab, and no white is superior over black [1] and superiority is by righteousness and God-fearing alone (sura al-Hujurat, 49.13).

Last week the the third Saudi Cultural Discourse, “Tribalism, Regionalism and Intellectual Classification and Their Impact on National Unity,” held in Jeddah and condemns racist affiliations in Saudi Arabia .According to Saudi Gazette newspaper:

Saudi writer EssamYamani spoke out against websites and bloggers making racist comments and encouraging the wave of hatred against certain groups of the Saudi society.

Yamani said that racist comments and phrases such as Tarsh Bahar (an Arabic phrase for sea immigrants coming to the Arabian Peninsula) and Haj leftovers or Baqaya Hujjaj (an Arabic phrase used to describe grandchildren of Muslim pilgrims who performed Haj and never returned home to settle in the Arabian Peninsula) were necessarily racist and would only disrupt national unity.

Those sites and bloggers spewing racist comments online must be brought to account, he said.Yamani demanded the removal of these and other racist terms through efforts by civil organizations and education stressing the importance of deepening national bonds.

Yamani’s resolution could hide the racist comments from “some ” websites and blogs but what could change racist people ? What do you think?