Burka Woman !

Saad Haroon said to the Telegraph : “Everyone has a right to say what they want,”  . “The crazies always shout loudest, but I’ve also had positive comments from women in burkas who have come up to me after shows, saying how funny they found it.”

As a Saudi Young lady I want to say ok this is a kind of freedom of speech  but I feel like this is an insult to those women who wear Burka. An expression like : “sexy ninja” is not really friendly. If you don’t like it , they like it and the have the right to wear whatever as long as they do not invade your own privacy. I do respect everybody but as well I want them to respect me and my own freedom to wear what really make me feel comfortable.  Freedom means you  do whatever and leave other people do what they really want to do without harming them. When a Niqabi women walk in the street and some one call her : ninja, he/she has no right to attach her and hurt her own freedom.

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